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Advance Design 2011

Hit: 653

Advance Design is a complete integrated analysis / design software dedicated to engineers.

Graitec - static analysis, dynamic analysis, steel design, timber design, tower design, foundation design, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, culvert, piers, bridge, abutment


Hit: 225

Archie-M was designed to help engineers to assess arch bridges.

OBVIS Ltd - masonry, bridge, arch, arch bridge, masonry arch

ASDIP Concrete 2.4.6

Hit: 184

ASDIP Concrete is a suite of modules specifically dedicated to the design of concrete members such as beams, columns and walls, based on the latest ACI 318 specifications.

ASDIP Structural Software - concrete columns design, concrete beams design, bearing walls design, aci 318, slenderness, bending, shear, strength interaction diagram

AxisVM 12

Hit: 873

Civil engineers use AxisVM for the analysis of structures with confidence that their final engineering product will meet the most up-to-date engineering analysis and design requirements.

InterCAD Kft - visual modeling, 2d frame, truss, beam, ribs, membrane wall, plate, 3d truss, reinforcement, 3d modeling

BDSolution SP2

Hit: 118

BDSolution program facilitates the preparation of final drawings of RC beam. It provides the tools and links to create detailed drawings of RC beam in an intuitive manner.

BDSolution Enterprise - rc beam, beam elements, etabs, staad, splice bar, cut bar, bend bar, u-bar, drafting, beam section

Brufem 4

Hit: 228

The BRUFEM program is used to perform automated finite element modeling, analysis, and load rating of highway bridges using a complete 3-D model.

Bridge Software Institute - highway bridges, steel girder, reinforced concrete t-beam, flat slab bridge, aashto bridge

Cold-Formed Steel BeamDesign 2.1.1

Hit: 272

Cold-Formed Steel BeamDesign is a friendly and powerful software for the design of flexural members of Cold-Formed Steel, following AISI 2001 and 1996/99 Specifications.

Devstruc - cold formed steel, cfs-beamdesign, residential construction, commercial construction, steel beam, steel building, steel house construction, aisi standards, structural analysis, light gauge steel framing, beams, columns, wall studs, purlins, steels decks


Hit: 483

Civil engineering app to determine the amount of reinforcement in a concrete section for preliminary design.

LetsConstruct - concrete, reinforcement, compression, cracking, beam design, shear, steel, android, android, android, android, android

EC Praxis 3J 7.0

Hit: 351

EC PRAXIS 3J is an entirely new software application, for the analysis and design of steel connections according to EC3.

CSI Hellas - steel connections, connection design, eurocode 3, etabs steel connections, sap steel connections


Hit: 1082

ETABS is the solution, whether you are designing a simple 2D frame or performing a dynamic analysis of a complex high-rise that utilizes non-linear dampers for inter-story drift control.

Computers and Structures Inc - building analysis, frames, truss, floor, roof, concrete, steel, building design, floor, construction

FB-MultiPier 4.17

Hit: 406

The FB-MultiPier analysis program is a nonlinear finite element analysis program capable of analyzing multiple bridge pier structures interconnected by bridge spans.

Bridge Software Institute - bridge, bridge design, geotechnical, modal analysis, nonlinear, pier, pile, seismic, soil-structure interaction, time history analysis

GaLa Reinforcement 4.1

Hit: 1976

GaLa Reinforcement is a free program, developed as a part of Dr.Ilia Alashki Ph.D.thesis in 1997-2002.

Dr. Ilia Alashki - design section, cracked concrete stiffness, non-linear creep, arbitrary cross section geometry, arbitrary reinforcement layout, axial load, aashto, failure surface, concrete, crack width

PGSuper 2.8.2

Hit: 235

PGSuper is a powerful open source software for design and analysis of precast-prestressed girder bridges.

Washington State Department of Transportation - girder bridge, span structure, aashto, bridge design, bridge information modeling, precast girder, transportation, loss calculation


Hit: 420

PORTAL is a software to be used for the pre-design of single bay steel portal frames according to ENV and ENV 1993-1-1 for resistance checks.

CTICM - steel structure, single bay steel portal frame, steel frame, eurocode, dead load, wind load, snow load, industrial building, frame

quickBridge 1.4

Hit: 156

Moving truck (up to 20 axles) analysis for bridges with simple or continuous spans (up to 5). Envelopes (M & V) and support reactions.

Noyan Turkkan - bridge design, continous span, moment, shear, axle, shear envelope, truck

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