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Program Description

ColumnBase is integrated software for analysis and design of column-base connections using three-dimensional finite element modeling.

In steel structures, column-base connections play an important role in transferring loads to the foundation. Due to the complex interactions between various parts of the connection such as the column, base plate, foundation, bolts, stiffeners, and etc, studying the behavior of these connections is a complicated and demanding task. ColumnBase is an innovative software that has been produced to help to solve this difficult task which engineers and structural designers have.

This software uses a three dimensional model of the connection parts (including foundation, column, base plate, grout, stiffeners, etc.) for the finite element analysis and for applying contact modeling analysis to connection parts in simultaneous loading cases. This software analysis the connection model and then checks the analysis results according to designing standards and handbooks.

Why Use ColumnBase Software?

  • Accurate Design of Base Plate Connections
  • Design of Base Plate And Anchor Rods for Biaxial Moments
  • Design of Base Plates For Unlimited Anchor Bolts In Number and Arrangement
  • Design of Base Plates For Various Arrangement of Stiffeners
  • Automatic Check/Design of Column-Base Connection According to AISC, ACI & ...
  • Automatic Check Design of Concrete Footing and even Grout! According to AISC, ACI & ...
  • Advanced Reporting for Modeling, Analysis Results and Design Results In the XPS and PDF formats

ColumnBase features in overview:

  • High Accuracy in Prediction of Actual Behavior of Connection
  • High Speed and Ability in Process
  • No Limit in Simultaneous Loadings
  • Predesigned Database and Supporting Various Systems of Units
  • Design of Connection Parts According to Design Handbooks and Standards
  • Visual and User-friendly Interface

* ColumnBase download link provides demo version of the software.

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