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Civil Engineering Software Database (CESDb) is a website founded by engineers for engineers.

Our mission is to provide a software library where engineers, researchers and academics can easily access free or shareware civil engineering software.

We created CESDb.com in 2011 when we were bachelors in civil engineering. As of today we are currently listing 563 programs under 12 categories with descriptions, screenshots and manuals if available. We always try to keep the site up-to-date and new software titles added regularly.

Please feel free to contact us for all your questions, thoughts and opinions...

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Recently Added Software

ThinWallRes N My Mz v2023 7/03/2023

ThinWallRes N My Mz allows to determine the resistant capacity of open and closed thin-walled sections subjected to axial and biaxial bending.

ThinWallRes N My Mz B v2023 24/02/2023

ThinWallRes N My Mz B allows determining the resistant capacity of open thin-walled sections subjected to axial, biaxial and bi-moment bending.

Arch3D v2023 22/02/2023

Arch3D makes it possible to determine the resistant capacity of compressed and flexed arches with a double tee section, susceptible to lateral buckling.