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RE Shoring Wall Description

RE Shoring Wall is state-of-the-art software for designing shoring systems using current industry standards and methods. Shoring Design, Lagging Design, and Lateral Soil Pressure Analysis tools are combined into one powerful, user-friendly application.


Design supported and cantilevered systems that are subject to lateral loads and develop their resistance through Passive Earth Pressure. Validate your design by performing a code compliance check against the selected construction code.

- Non-Gravity Retaining Wall Systems:

  • Discrete Element walls: Soldier Pile, Drilled Shafts, etc.
  • Continuous Element walls: Sheet Pile, Slurry, Tangent Pile, Secant Pile, Soil Cutter Mix, etc.

- Shaft Foundations

  • Billboards
  • Highway Signage
  • Flagpole Foundations
  • Gates

Shoring Design Key Features:

  • LRFD Oriented: Supports both LRFD and ASD design methods
  • Finite Element Method (FEM) Analysis of Wall Elements
  • Designs Supported and Unsupported Walls
  • Choice of Embedment Calculation Methods: Fixed Earth and Free Earth
  • Unlimited Number of Supports
  • Model Supports as External (Tieback or Deadman) or Internal (Strut or Raker)
  • Supports can be modeled as Rigid Supports or as Spring Supports
  • Each Support has its own properties to enable modeling different types of supports on the same wall
  • Optional Code Compliance Check includes multiple versions of AASHTO and AISC code standards
  • Database of AISC Wide Flange and many Sheet Pile shapes to choose from
  • Calculates the Axial Capacity of the Wall System
  • Allows for Applying Axial Loads
  • Dynamic Graphic displays key wall parameters, section properties, supports and pressure data entered
  • Results Summary
  • Graphs: Loading, Shear, Moment, and Deflection
  • Comprehensive Wall Report (shoring report)
  • Comprehensive Code Check Report

Lagging Design Key Features:

  • Based on National Design Specification for Wood Construction (NDS) Specifications
  • Built-in Database of Commonly Selected Woods
  • Stress Formulas are Tailored to Lagging Design
  • Adjustment Factors Not Relevant for Lagging Design Excluded
  • Results Summary
  • Comprehensive Lagging Report

Lateral Soil Pressure Analysis Key Features:

  • Choice of Pressure Coefficient Calculation Methods
  • User has Full Control of Variables
  • NAVFAC Delta Table Provided
  • Results Summary
  • Comprehensive Soil Pressure Report

* RE Shoring Wall download link provides commercial version of the software.

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