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CESDb is a website founded by engineers for engineers. Our mission is to provide a software library where engineers, researchers and academics can easily access free or shareware civil engineering software. We are currently listing 329 programs under 12 categories with descriptions, screenshots and manuals if available. We always try to keep the site up-to-date and new software titles added regularly.

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Version:1.2 · Added:19/04/2015

Manage Resources And Make Project More Cost Efficient

VEAS is an exclusive app for helping project managers and civil engineers to easily manage their resources and make their project more cost efficient.


Version:1.0 · Added:18/04/2015

Analysis of Mat Foundations Under Dynamic Loading

DynaMat uses a three dimensional hybrid method to estimate the equivalent dynamic stiffness and damping of machine foundations.


Version:2012 · Added:17/04/2015

Study of Drilled Shafts under Axial Loading

SHAFT is a computer program used to evaluate the axial capacity and the short-term, load-settlement curves of drilled shafts or bored piles in various types of soils.


Version:0.7 · Added:16/04/2015

Analysis Precast Girder Splice Alternatives

PGSplice is our spliced girder analysis software. This software has been developed for the Alternate Route Project.


Version:2015 · Added:15/04/2015

Analysis of Piles and Drilled Shafts Under Lateral Loads

LPILE is a special-purpose program based on rational procedures for analyzing a pile under lateral loading using the p-y method.

DigiCad 3D

Version:9 · Added:14/04/2015
DigiCad 3D

Architectural Surveys, Mapping and Photogrammetry.

DigiCad 3D is an excellent tool for dealing with images, drawings, photographs of building, regular or irregular surfaces and maps.


Version:3.0 · Added:13/04/2015

Analysis of Foundation Settlement

SETOFF analyzes foundation settlement of both, shallow and deep foundations, using commonly-accepted procedures.


Version:2014 · Added:12/04/2015

Behaviour Of Single Piles Under Axial Loading

PileAXL is a program that analyzes the behaviour of single piles under axial loading applied at the pile head for both onshore and offshore engineering problems.


Version:4.0 · Added:11/04/2015

Analyze the Stability of Complex Slopes

UTexas4 is a computer software application for computing the stability of earth and earth-rock slopes and embankments.

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Downloads: 9528West Point Bridge Designer 2015

Bridge Design Contest is a nationwide Internet-based competition intended to promote math, science, and technology education in US. West Point Bridge Designer provides you with the tools to model, test, and optimize a steel highway bridge.

Downloads: 7041LTBeam 1.0.11

LTBeam is a software which deals with the elastic Lateral Torsional Buckling of Beams under bending action about their major axis.

Downloads: 5104SAP2000 17

From its 3D object based graphical modeling environment to the wide variety of analysis and design options completely integrated across one powerful user interface, SAP2000 has proven to be the most integrated, productive and practical general purpose structural program on the market today.

Updated Software

19 Mar 2015SCAD Office 21.1.1

SCAD for Windows is a new-generation system developed by engineers for use of engineers and implemented by a team of experienced programmers.

18 Mar 2015CypeCAD 2015.k

CYPECAD was brought about to carry out the analysis and design of reinforced concrete and steel structures, subject to horizontal and vertical forces, for houses, buildings and civil work projects.

18 Mar 2015LPILE 2015

LPILE is a special-purpose program based on rational procedures for analyzing a pile under lateral loading using the p-y method.

17 Mar 2015Euler Math Toolbox 2015

Euler is a free and open-source numerical software package.

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