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Version:4.1 · Added:11/02/2016

Hydrologic Modeling System

The Hydrologic Modeling System (HEC-HMS) is designed to simulate the complete hydrologic processes of dendritic watershed systems.


Version:2000 · Added:8/02/2016

Static and Moving Load Analysis of Bridges

Builds two-dimensional bridge models and performs static and moving load analyzes. Uses GT STRUDL as a structural analysis engine.

Augment - 3D Augmented Reality

Version:2.15.1 · Added:8/02/2016
Augment - 3D Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality for Architecture & Construction

Simulate your architecture & building projects in augmented reality on iPad, iPhone and Android.


Version:4.1 · Added:7/02/2016

River Analysis System

HEC-RAS is designed to perform one-dimensional hydraulic calculations for a full network of natural and constructed channels.


Version:2007 · Added:4/02/2016

Eccentrically Loaded Bolt Group Shear Capacity

BoltGroup computes shear capacity of an eccentrically loaded bolted connection using LRFD instantaneous center of rotation method.


Version:2010.1 · Added:1/02/2016

Prestressing Losses in Post-Tensioned Tendon

Calculates elongations and prestress losses due to friction and anchor set of three-dimensional post-tensioned tendon.

Surcharge Earth Pressure

Version:2012 · Added:31/01/2016
Surcharge Earth Pressure

Lateral Pressure on the Retaining Wall Due to Vertical Surcharge

This spreadsheet computes lateral pressure against retaining wall due to vertical surcharge loads.


Version:2.2 · Added:28/01/2016

Flood Impact Analysis

The HEC-FIA Flood Impact Analysis software package analyzes the consequences from a flood event.


Version:1.0 · Added:25/01/2016

Prescriptive Reservoir Model

HEC-ResPRM is a reservoir system operations optimization software package developed to assist planners, operators, and managers with reservoir operation planning and decision-making.

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Downloads: 36852West Point Bridge Designer 2015

Bridge Design Contest is a nationwide Internet-based competition intended to promote math, science, and technology education in US. West Point Bridge Designer provides you with the tools to model, test, and optimize a steel highway bridge.

Downloads: 8864LTBeam 1.0.11

LTBeam is a software which deals with the elastic Lateral Torsional Buckling of Beams under bending action about their major axis.

Downloads: 7306EBPlate 2.01

EBPlate is a piece of software developed by CTICM with a partial funding of the European Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS). It assesses the critical stresses associated to the elastic buckling of plates loaded in their plan.

Updated Software

12 Jan 2016CADRE Flow 3.1

CADRE Flow is developed using the basic principles of finite element method as applied to the hydraulics flow field.

11 Jan 2016CAD Pockets 2.3.2

ZWCAD Touch is the 1st CAD (Computer-Aided Design) application that integrates 3rd-party Cloud Storage Service (like Dropbox and SkyDrive) internally.

9 Jan 2016Bridge Designer 2016

Formerly known as the West Point Bridge Designer, this is the only version of the software that can be used for the 2016 Engineering Encounters Bridge Design Contest.

7 Jan 2016VisualAnalysis 12.0

IES VisualAnalysis is an easy to learn software for general-purpose frame and finite-element analysis.

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