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Please be advised that Pipe Flow Advisor is considered outdated or legacy, and it has reached the end of its support and update cycle. As a result, compatibility issues may arise, and its functionality cannot be guaranteed on modern computer systems.
Program Description

Do you need to calculate the flow rate of water through channels? Want to know volume, capacity, or weight of flow in part filled pipes? Do you need to know the time taken to empty a tank? Flow Advisor can be used to estimate water flow rates from various open channels, closed channels and differently shaped supply tanks. It can calculate:

  • Open Channel Flow and Flow in Part Filled Pipes
  • Water Flow Rates
  • Time taken to empty tanks
  • Volume, Capacity, Weight and Expansion


Open-channel flow occurs when a liquid flows due to gravity. Usually the flowing liquid has a free surface, as in a channel, flume or partially full pipe. The liquid is not under pressure, other than atmospheric pressure. Many formulae have been developed to estimate the flow rate in open-channels, the Manning formula has become widely accepted as the usual method of estimating flow rate.


The Manning formula uses a coefficient to correct for the type of channel in use. The cross-sectional area of the flow, the wetted perimeter of the flow and the slope ratio must be calculated. The results are more accurate if the flow cross-section, velocity, depth and slope are constant (steady flow). The flow rate estimates are applicable to water or fluids similar to water.


The flow rate from a tank outlet will be dependant on the orifice size, orifice type and the head of fluid above the outlet position. The addition of an oulet pipe may restrict the oulet flow rate unless the outlet pipe is relatively short. As the tank empties the fluid head will reduce progressively, reducing the outlet flow rate. The shape of the tank will also affect the time taken to empty, as changes in shape will affect the rate of change of the fluid head available.


The inner volume, fluid capacity, weight and expansion of various pipes, sections, channels and tanks can be calculated. The weight of a pipe, channel or tank in various material constructions (steel, wood, aluminium, brass etc.) and the fluid contents may be displayed by entering the appropriate dimensions and choosing the material and fluid type.

* Pipe Flow Advisor download link provides trial version of the software.

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