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Daxesoft Ltd - Pipe Flow Software for fluid flow, pressure drop and friction loss calculations. Piping design software - Pressure drop and fluid flow calculations for engineers

CESDb currently lists 4 software developed by Daxesoft, including Convert 123, Pipe Flow Expert, Pipe Flow Wizard, Pipe Flow Advisor.

You can also visit developers official website http://daxesoft.com for software support, product updates, licenses and other information.

Software by Daxesoft
Convert 123 Version:1.01 · Hit:2958
Convert 123

Unit Conversions Calculator

Convert between many different units and measurements, including area, density, energy, flow rate, force, velocity, viscosity, volume & more.

Pipe Flow Advisor Version:1.01 · Hit:1356
Pipe Flow Advisor

Open Channel Flow & Tank Empty Times

Flow Advisor can be used to estimate water flow rates from various open channels, closed channels and differently shaped supply tanks.

Pipe Flow Expert Version:7.30 · Hit:2751
Pipe Flow Expert

Flows & Pressures in Complex Networks

Pipe Flow Expert is designed to help todays engineers analyze and solve a wide range of problems where the flow and pressure loss throughout a pipe network must be determined.

Pipe Flow Wizard Version:1.12 · Hit:2156
Pipe Flow Wizard

Flow & Pressure Calcs on Single Pipes

Pipe Flow Wizard is able to perform four different flow and pressure drop calculations on a single pipe depending on the known information.

Similar Software From Other Developers
HCALC Version:1.1 · Tahoe Design Software

Pipe Flow Calculator and Unit Converter

HCALC solves for head loss, diameter, flow, pipe area, velocity, Reynolds number and friction factor using the Darcy-Weisbach, Hazen-Williams or Manning's equations.

CADRE Flow Version:3.5 · CADRE Analytic

Fluid System Flow Analysis

CADRE Flow is developed using the basic principles of finite element method as applied to the hydraulics flow field.


Modeling Fluid Flow and Transport of Dissolved Constituents

FEFLOW is a professional software package to simulate a multitude of groundwater processes involving flow, contaminants, groundwater age and heat transport under fully or variably saturated conditions.

Maple Flow Version:2023 · Maplesoft
Maple Flow

Engineering Calculations

Maple Flow makes it easy for engineers to brainstorm, develop, and document their design calculations. Maple Flow offers tools across the entire spectrum of math, science and engineering.

ChannelDesign Version:0.8 · LetsConstruct

Design Open Channel Flow For Rectangular and Trapezoidal Shapes

Allows you to interactively design Open Channel Flow for rectangular, trapezoidal and rectangular shapes.

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