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SiPlant is an integrated engineering software product for analysis and design of piping systems and frame structures, including piping code compliance checks with stress-intensification and flexibility factors that are automatically calculated and applied.

Using piping objects, pipe support types, and modeling approaches familiar to piping and structural engineers in the process and power industries, CSiPlant offers an easy-to-use, intelligent, object-based graphical interface utilizing customizable libraries of piping components and supports, temperature-dependent material properties, and libraries of piping and structural frame sections.I ncluded are comprehensive piping code compliance checks where stress intensification and flexibility factors are automatically applied per selected design codes. Options to import detailed structural analysis models, and then auto-connect the structure to piping supports, allows for the rapid and accurate modeling of systems for coupled nonlinear analysis.

Using CSi’s innovative solvers, element formulations, and analysis capabilities, coupled with a comprehensive and easy-to-use modeling environment, CSiPlant provides a state-of-the-art package for piping and structural engineers working in the process & power industries.


  • Graphical user interface for modeling and display of results
  • CAD-like drawing and editing of piping and structural systems
  • Libraries of materials, pipe sections, structural sections, and components
  • Straight pipes, elbows, tees, concentric and eccentric reducers, flanges, and valves
  • Automatic generation of elbows, tees, and reducers while drawing pipelines
  • Automatic pipe labeling according to a fully customizable alpha-numeric scheme
  • Pipe supports include anchors, guides, line and vertical stops, rod hangers, snubbers, and spring hangers
  • Frame elements for modeling beams, columns, braces and other structural components
  • Link elements for nonlinear behavior, including custom supports and dampers
  • Joint constraints and rigid diaphragms
  • Linear and nonlinear analysis
  • Thermal and pressure loading
  • Temperature-dependent material behavior
  • Wind and seismic loading
  • Nonlinear load sequencing
  • Nonlinear time-history analysis
  • Geometric nonlinearity, including P-delta and large deflections
  • Modal and response-spectrum analysis
  • Buckling analysis
  • Design for ASME B31.1, B31.3, and B31.J
  • Spring-hanger sizing
  • Import of SAP2000 structural models for integrated analysis
  • Automatic connection of pipe supports to imported structural model
  • Export of piping support forces to SAP2000 for independent structural analysis
  • Import of geometry from C2 (*.CII) neutral files
  • Tabular display of model definition, analysis and design results
  • Export of tabular data to Excel and xml formats
  • User defined groups to control modeling and output
  • Detailed design reports

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