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This software is a complete hydrology package included as a number of separate executable files. These programs work together to allow hydrograph generation, pond routing, storm sewer design, statisitical distribution and regression analysis, pollutant loading modeling, matrix calculation, and others.

These programs are also available from the textbook Hydrology and Water Quantity and Quality Control by Wanielista, Kersten, and Eaglin (available from John Wiley and Sons publishers).

* SMADA download link provides freeware version of the software.

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Comments & Reviews About SMADA
Faysal Zaidi
Faysal Zaidi · 1 Aug 2021 · ★★★★

Is there a version of smada for 64bits operation system?

Gabriel Barinas
Gabriel Barinas · 8 Sep 2020 · ★★★

Este programa es muy antiguo, no creo que exista version 64bit, incluso no creo que funcione en un windows mas avanzado que XP, alguien que confirme donde funciona por favor
(Google Translate: This program is very old, I don't think there is a 64bit version, I don't even think it works on windows more advanced than XP, someone to confirm where it works please)

Jose Orangel Mendez Jimenez
Jose Orangel Mendez Jimenez · 24 Jan 2020 · ★★★★

Gabriel Barinas they said have a problem the page.

Gabriel Barinas
Gabriel Barinas · 29 Jul 2017 · ★★★★

I use smadaonline. com

Mohamed Milad
Mohamed Milad · 16 Jul 2017 · ★★★

Is there a version of smada for 64bits operation system. .

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