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SOFTWARE :Tsipiras HydroTools
DEVELOPER :I. Tsipiras
LICENSE :Commercial
DOWNLOADS :UserDownloads:141
Tsipiras HydroTools Description

Tsipiras HydroTools is a set of tools useful for calculation and design of hydraulic works and installations.


  • Uniform Flow - Open Channels : Rectangular cross-section, Triangular cross-section, Trapezoidal cross-section, Circular free-flow cross-section, and any user cross-section
  • Calculation Pipes Under Pressure
  • Pump Station Calculation
  • Sewerage Networks
  • Water Supply Pressure Networks
  • Vacuum Waste Pipe Calculation
  • Non Uniform River Flow - Flood Control Works
  • Peak Flood Rational Method
  • Roads Seware : boxed culvert, street footway gutter, street watering grid inlet
  • Geoprojector : L-section land, Topography
  • Geopump : Underground water flow
  • Waste Water Treatment Predimensioning


  1. Students: 50 Euros for a license in a computer of the user.  
  2. Engineers, Geologists etc : 100 Euros for a license as above.
  3. Companies: 1000 Euros for three licenses in three computer of the user.

Sales via e-mail:itsipiras@gmail.com

* Tsipiras HydroTools download link provides commercial version of the software.

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