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K&P Kouknakos provides Diolkos. Diolkos is a complete and robust road design software.

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For more information please visit: http://diolkos3d.com/

Software by Diolkos3D
Diolkos Version:10 · Hit:1449

Complete and Autonomous Road Design

Diolkos is a complete and robust solution for designing all types of road projects in a visual multifunctional 3D environment.

FastTerrain Version:3.0 · Hit:984

Create, Edit and Visualize in 3d Space Digital Terrain Models

In FastTerrain you are able to create, edit and visualize in 3D space digital terrain models.

GAIES Version:1.0 · Hit:476

Manage Earthmoving Equipment in a Worksite

GAIES is a utility that manages the earthmoving equipment in a worksite. Provides optimized solution for the soil movements during the construction stage of a corridor (road, channel, railway etc) project.

WaterNET-CAD Version:2.0 · Hit:1371

Pipes Network Design

The WaterNET-CAD is software product that can be used in order to create, edit and analyze any kind of sewer, water distribution, storm or vacuum sewer network facility.

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