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Complete Columns was developed by Complete Software, an Australian start-up with structural engineering, UX design and software development expertise, established in 2020. Complete Columns is a cloud-based structural engineering reinforced concrete column design and grouping optimisation software. We provide a detailed tutorial / manual for engineers to work through to learn our software, and a detailed theory page which references the complying standards (ACI 318:19 and AS 3600:2018, and soon Eurocode 2) and structural engineering theory. We also provide a novel validation visualisation system for engineers to validate all of our results.

The current release of Complete Columns conforms to the current American concrete design standard (ACI 318-19) and the current Australian concrete design standard (AS 3600:2018).

The functional design tool for Complete Column is all located on a single page, the design page. The design page is split into four panels. The panel on the left hand side of the screen displays all the controls for Complete Columns. It is itself separated into 8 different sub-panels that can be viewed by hovering the mouse over the main control panel and scrolling up or down.

The top middle panel is the cross section panel. This displays the cross-section as the geometry design inputs are being added. It also provides information about the reinforcement ratio in the top right hand corner.

The bottom middle panel displays the design table. When a valid design is added it will appear here. The table is partially hidden. Scrolling left or right with the mouse hovered over the table will reveal the more of the table.

The final panel located on the right hand side of the screen is the axial-moment chart. This is where column cases and designs interact. In the top right hand corner summary statistics and local data of these interactions are displayed. The summary statistics will automatically update. The local data can be viewed by hovering the mouse over individual column case points.

* Complete Columns download link provides demo version of the software.

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