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David Childs B.Sc, C.Eng, MICE is the developer of useful excel spreadsheets to assist engineers and graduates with their understanding of highway bridge design and assessment to UK standards.

CESDb currently lists 11 software developed by David Childs, including Influence Line Diagrams, Plane Frame Analysis for Static Loads, Bar Schedule, Line Beam Analysis for Static Loads, Line Beam Analysis for Moving Vehicle Loads, Effective Span.

You can also visit developers official website http://bridgedesign.org.uk for software support, product updates, licenses and other information.

Software by David Childs
Bar Schedule Version:2.11 · Hit:4089
Bar Schedule

Calculate Bar Lengths For Reinforcement Scheduled In Accordance With Bs 8666:2005

Calculates bar lengths for standard bar shapes and produces summaries of lengths and weights for bar types and diameters.

Distribution of Releasing Moments Version:1.01 · Hit:1715
Distribution of Releasing Moments

Differential Temperature Effects on a Continuous Beam

This spreadsheet calculates the secondary effects (bending moments and shear forces) produced by the releasing moment from differential temperature effects on a continuous beam.

Effective Span Version:1.02 · Hit:1801
Effective Span

Effective Span of Plate Girder with no Bearing

The effective span and maximum bearing pressure for a plate girder with no specific bearing is calculated in accordance with BD 56/10 clause 16 and Figure 16. 1A

Influence Line Diagrams Version:1.05 · Hit:6672
Influence Line Diagrams

Influence Line Diagrams for Single or Multispan Decks

Influence Line diagrams for bending moments at critical sections in a single or multi-span continuous beam.

Line Beam Analysis for Moving Vehicle Loads

BS 5400, BD 21 and BD 86

Abnormal Load Vehicles, HB Vehicles, BD21 Annex D Vehicles and BD86 STGO Vehicles are analysed as moving loads across a single or multi-span continuous line beam to determine critical bending moments and shear forces.

Line Beam Analysis for Static Loads Version:1.06 · Hit:3747
Line Beam Analysis for Static Loads

Analysis for Static Loads and Settlement at Supports

Calculates bending moments and shear forces for loads on a single span or continuous multi-span beam using the moment distribution method.

MEXE Analysis Version:1.09 · Hit:1626
MEXE Analysis

Mexe Analysis To Bd 21/01 And Ba 16/97 For Single Span Masonry Arch

The modified MEXE analysis to BD 21/01 and BA 16/97 for single span masonry arch with option for axle lift-off.

Plane Frame Analysis for Static Loads Version:1.09 · Hit:5397
Plane Frame Analysis for Static Loads

Bending Moments, Axial and Shears Forces in a Plane Frame

A Plane Frame Analysis for bending moments, axial and shears forces in a plane frame structure under point loads, UDL's, linearly varying distributed loads (soil pressures) and moments.

Riveted Plate Girder Version:3.09 · Hit:1475
Riveted Plate Girder

Section Properties Of A Riveted Plate Girder

Section properties of a riveted plate girder to BD 56/10 and BS5400-3:2000 with facility to allow for corroded elements.

Solid Irregular Sections Version:1.05 · Hit:1486
Solid Irregular Sections

Section Properties of Solid Irregular Sections by Co-ordinate Geometry

This Proforma calculates the section properties of an irregular shaped cross section by co-ordinate geometry.

Voided Irregular Sections Version:1.01 · Hit:1195
Voided Irregular Sections

Section Properties of Voided Irregular Sections by Co-ordinate Geometry

This Proforma calculates the section properties, using co-ordinate geometry, of an irregular shaped cross section containing voids.

Comments & Reviews
Vincenzo Franco
Vincenzo Franco· 24 Aug 2022
The file does not open...
Chris Mwanjalika
Chris Mwanjalika· 29 Jul 2022
I made a followup on lift off calculation in excell above, I got nothing. May I get a coach....
Kme Afg
Kme Afg· 9 Sep 2018
Thank a lot but i can't install in my pc windows 7 64 bits...
Maida Emir
Maida Emir· 18 Jun 2017
Thank you !...
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