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Blue5Soft is the developer of HSSJoints: design of planar HSS welded joints according to several Standards, SBeton: design of any reinforced cross-section under biaxial forces according to several Standards and Profire: analysis of protected/unprotected I-H steel profiles under fire curve.

CESDb currently lists 3 software developed by Blue5Soft, including SBeton, HSSJoints, ProFire.

You can also visit developers official website http://blue5soft.com for software support, product updates, licenses and other information.

Software by Blue5Soft
HSSJoints Version:5.4 · Hit:725

Verify the connection joints of hollow structural sections

The program can verify the connection joints of hollow structural sections, circular, square and rectangular.

ProFire Version:5.4 · Hit:495

Analysis of I-H Shaped Profiles Under Fire Situation

C2ProFire analyzes the heating evolution of I-H shaped steel profiles under fire situation.

SBeton Version:5.4 · Hit:1189

Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Sections

The program useful for checking reinforced concrete section of any shape and with any reinforcement layout in biaxial bending.

Similar Software From Other Developers
CADRE Section Profiler Version:2.6 · CADRE Analytic
CADRE Section Profiler

Design and analysis of custom cross section profiles

CADRE Profiler is used to design section profiles and determine their geometric properties for custom beam cross sections which can be composed of different materials

Cross Section Analysis & Design Version:3.9 · EngiSSol
Cross Section Analysis & Design

Structural Cross Sections (concrete, steel, composite etc.)

Cross Section Analysis and Design can handle structural cross sections that are built up of one or more geometric entities and can be drawn directly using the versatile featured user interface.

ReoChecka Version:2020 · ReoChecka

Reinforcement Detailing Calculator Designing to Australian Standards

ReoChecka is cloud based reinforcement detailing software for Australian structural engineers.

MITCalc Welded Connections Version:1.18 · MITCalc
MITCalc Welded Connections

Design and strength control of statically loaded welded connections

MITCalc Welded Connections is intended for the geometrical design and strength control of statically loaded welded connections of machine structures manufactured from carbon steels.

CoP2 Version:2.1.3 · ArcelorMittal

Steel and Composite Joints Design in Accordance with Eurocode 3

COP is an innovative computer program for the design of joints in steel and composite structures.

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