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SOFTWARE :Bar Schedule
DEVELOPER :David Childs
PLATFORM :Spreadsheet
LICENSE :Freeware
DOWNLOADS :UserDownloads:4135
Program Description

This Proforma calculates bar lengths for reinforcement scheduled in accordance with BS 8666:2005. Checks are also carried out to ensure compliance with the code.


1. Cells B2 and B3 are available for entering the company name.

2. Enter the details for each bar mark in accordance with BS 8666.

3. If all bars are of Type "B" then the "B" button will insert a "B" against every bar entry on the sheet.

4. When the data is complete then press the "Calculate Sheet" button. This calculates :

i) the total number of bars for each bar mark

ii) the length of each bar for each bar mark ( except Shape Code 99)

iii) the total length and weight of each bar size and type and are summarised for the whole Workbook

iv) checks that the data complies with the Standard

5. Individual calculations can be carried out for each bar mark by pressing the "Calculate Bar" button. Select the bar mark before pressing the "Calculate Bar" button. This button can be used for calculating the length of the free leg by entering the total length of the bar and leaving the free leg blank.

6. Diagrams for Shape Code 99 are easier to construct using a drawing type program, such as Microsoft Paint, and saving the diagram in a picture format such as .gif or .jpg. The diagram can then be inserted into the schedule using Insert _ Picture_From File....

7. Additional sheets can be added to the Workbook by pressing the "Add New Sheet" button. The sheet will be inserted before the "Summary" sheet and numbered consecutively.

* Bar Schedule download link provides freeware version of the software.

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