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Techsoft Engineering Services

TechSOFTs bridge solution is the most extensive offering in the industry, composed of a family of bridge software that addresses virtually any bridge type, both existing and new structures.

CESDb currently lists 5 software developed by Techsoft Engineering Services, including ASTRA Pro, HEADS Pro, HEADS Rail, HEADS Site, TransPlan.

You can also visit developers official website http://techsoftglobal.com for software support, product updates, licenses and other information.

Software by Techsoft Engineering Services
ASTRA Pro Version:24 · Hit:3673

Analysis & Design of Bridges with Foundations, Hydrological Analysis, Culverts, Underpasses

The simplest and versatile software for structural analysis and design of bridges with super structures, sub structures, foundations, hydrological analysis, culverts, underpasses.

HEADS Pro Version:24 · Hit:1746

Highway Engineering and Design Application

The simplestand versatile software for highway engineering and design with special features for low cost rural roads and hill roads, tunnels.

HEADS Rail Version:24 · Hit:732

Railway Engineering and Design Application

The largest and versatile software for Railway, Metro Rail, LRT, MRT, Mono Rail Engineering projects.

HEADS Site Version:24 · Hit:702

Design For Survey, Town Planning & Industrial Plants And Tunneling

The largest and versatile software for survey, dtm, contouring, site development for township, tunnel, airport, irrigation, water supply projects.

TransPlan Version:10 · Hit:614

Traffic Analysis and Transport Planning

TransPlan is powerful software system for Traffic Analysis and Transport Planning.

Similar Software From Other Developers
FB-MultiPier Version:5.7 · Bridge Software Institute

Analyzing multiple bridge pier structures

The FB-MultiPier analysis program is a nonlinear finite element analysis program capable of analyzing multiple bridge pier structures interconnected by bridge spans.

GSA Bridge Version:10.1 · Oasys
GSA Bridge

Simulate Advanced Bridge Engineering Problems

GSA Bridge is easy-to-use bridge analysis software automatically sifts through the multiplicity of possible moving loads to find exactly which the crucial ones for your structure are.

West Point Bridge Designer Version:2016 · Engineering Encounters
West Point Bridge Designer

WPBD Bridge Design Contest 2016

Bridge Design Contest is a nationwide Internet-based competition intended to promote math, science, and technology education in US. West Point Bridge Designer provides you with the tools to model, test, and optimize a steel highway bridge.

TerMus BRIDGE Version:6.00a · ACCA Software

Thermal Bridge Calculation

TerMus BRIDGE is the Thermal Bridge software that uses finite element analysis, fully compliant with the EN ISO 10211:2008, EN ISO 14683:2008 and EN ISO 13788:2013 technical standards.

CSiBridge Version:22 · Computers and Structures Inc

3D Bridge Analysis, Design and Rating

CSiBridge design allows for quick and easy design and retrofitting of steel and concrete bridges.

Comments & Reviews
Arvind Singh Rawat
Arvind Singh Rawat· 23 Jul 2022
How can we get this Software? Link is not working....
Sisay Gemechu
Sisay Gemechu· 3 May 2021
I need best and accurate road design software....
Dabir Uddin Ahmed
Dabir Uddin Ahmed· 15 Jan 2021
Good software. Please send me link to download......
Samuel Mulatu
Samuel Mulatu· 4 Jun 2020
Thank you i love it and it is very interesting...
Sangeeta Rao Goswami
Sangeeta Rao Goswami· 24 Nov 2019
Multiple section highway widening either in flat or in hilly terrain is very perfect, nothing can be better than HEA...
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