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ITETripGen provides access to data contained in Trip Generation Manual, 10th Edition and the 10th Edition Supplement. The app enables development of estimates of motor vehicle, pedestrian, transit user, bicyclist, and truck trips, generated by a land use based on its characteristics and setting. The app offers a functionality to filter data records by their age, the region within North America, and the development size.

The ITETripGen web app is a tool that enables the user to create data plots and associated statistics that demonstrate the relationship between an independent variable and measured trip generation. The analyst selects a specific land use type, its setting, an independent variable, the type of trip (person or vehicle), and the time period. The app enables the analyst to filter the data based on geographic location, age of data, and size of independent variable. The data that populate the web app are from the latest edition of ITE Trip Generation Manual.

Access to the app is available through the ITE Marketplace. With each purchase, the registrant receives a web app unlock key that can be used to create an individual account for accessing ITETripGen.

* ITETripGen download link provides commercial version of the software.

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