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Geocentrix provides software for geotechnical engineering problems. Geocentrix delivers a range of training courses on the subhject of the Structural Eurocodes and geotechnical engineering.

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For more information please visit: http://geocentrix.co.uk

Software by Geocentrix
ReActiv Version:1.7.6 · Hit:422

Designing Reinforced Slopes Using Reinforced Soil or Soil Nails

ReActiv is an interactive computer program for designing reinforced slopes in a wide variety of soil types, using reinforced soil or soil nails.

Repute Version:2.5.9 · Hit:450

Designing & Analysing Onshore Piles

Repute provides a rich set of tools for designing/analysing onshore piles, including various types of single pile.

ReWaRD Version:2.8.3 · Hit:885

Embedded Retaining Wall Design

Designed by engineers for engineers, ReWaRD draws upon the technical expertise of Geocentrix to produce the most powerful and user friendly set of tools for retaining wall design.

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