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Yong Technology was established by Meet Yong (Yonggeng Ye). He was graduated from Tongji University in Shanghai, and obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Geological Engineering in 2002 and Master's Degree in Geotechnical Engineering in 2005. Yong Technology is interested in geotechnical engineering and software development using C++, Python and JavaScript.

CESDb currently lists 8 software developed by Yong Technology, including GeoRose, PyPile, SoilStats, PileLink, ScheduleBoard, LEMSlope.

You can also visit developers official website https://yongtechnology.com for software support, product updates, licenses and other information.

Software by Yong Technology
BSTunnelLining Version:0.1.1 · Hit:186

Segmental Tunnel Lining Analysis

BSTunnelLining can be used to analyze multi-ring segmental tunnel lining under arbitrary distributed and concentrated loadings.

Frost1D Version:0.2.5 · Hit:341

Ground Frost Penetration Analysis

Frost1D is a one dimensional ground frost penetration analysis program.

GeoRose Version:0.5.1 · Hit:5885

Plot Structural Geology Rose Diagram & Polar Area Diagram

GeoRose is a program plotting rose diagram used in structural geology area.

LEMSlope Version:0.1.3 · Hit:473

Slope Stability Analysis Using Traditional Limit Equilibrium Method

LEMSlope is a slope stability analysis program using traditional limit equilibrium method. It takes advantage of the strength of Python script language and sets up the analysis model parametrically.

PileLink Version:1.1.1 · Hit:675

Pile Foundation Data Management Program

PileLink is a pile data management program, which encourages a standard approach to manage pile data and exchange data between project management, pile installation and pile monitoring companies.

PyPile Version:0.8.6 · Hit:3734

Lateral Pile Analysis

PyPile is a free lateral pile analysis software program based on p-y curves. Pile deflection, bending moment and shear force will be analyzed with different load cases.

ScheduleBoard Version:0.1.0 · Hit:595

Resource and Project Scheduling

ScheduleBoard is a resource and project scheduling software program. It is designed to let multiple users in a company request and assign resources for different projects.

SoilStats Version: · Hit:1091

Analyze Gint Geotechnical Borehole Logs

SoilStats provides an intuitive way to analyze gINT geotechnical borehole logs.

Comments & Reviews
Ridwan Muhammad
Ridwan Muhammad· 20 Aug 2019
Amazng spectaculer wonderfull marvelous...
Larry Wiseman
Larry Wiseman· 5 Apr 2019
Love the software and it is FREE!...
Okello Josantos
Okello Josantos· 7 Aug 2013
i don't see the guide to direct us how to enter data...
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