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Discover the software for architecture, engineering and construction with maximum professionalism and quality. Discover the easy BIM solutions for everyone.

CESDb currently lists 8 software developed by ACCA Software, including usBIM.viewer+, CerTus Scaffolding, PriMus, EdiLus, Solarius PV, Edificius.

You can also visit developers official website https://accasoftware.com for software support, product updates, licenses and other information.

Software by ACCA Software
CerTus Scaffolding Version:BIM ONE(c) · Hit:1119
CerTus Scaffolding

Scaffold Design

CerTus Scaffolding is the BIM authoring software for scaffolding design and drafting of the scaffolding assembly, use and dismantling plan.

Edificius Version:BIM 2(n) · Hit:394

Architectural BIM Design

Edificius is the Architectural BIM Design software that allows you to generate floor plans, elevation views, cross-sections, isometric and perspective views with a simple 2D or 3D input.

Edificius LAND Version:BIM 2(m) · Hit:238
Edificius LAND

BIM Landscape Design

Edificius LAND is the BIM software for landscape architecture and garden design.

EdiLus Version:BIM 2(c) · Hit:584

Structural Design and Analysis for Buildings

The software for the analysis and structural design of new and existing reinforced concrete, masonry and steel buildings according to Eurocodes.

PriMus Version:BIM 2(d) · Hit:665

BIM for Construction Estimating

The ideal software for designers and companies who want to optimize their construction cost management activities.

Solarius PV Version:BIM 2(c) · Hit:476
Solarius PV

Solar Design

Solarius PV is the BIM software for photovoltaic systems design already used for thousands of different types of installations all over the world.

TerMus BRIDGE Version:6.00a · Hit:286

Thermal Bridge Calculation

TerMus BRIDGE is the Thermal Bridge software that uses finite element analysis, fully compliant with the EN ISO 10211:2008, EN ISO 14683:2008 and EN ISO 13788:2013 technical standards.

usBIM.viewer+ Version:BIM 2(b) · Hit:1725

View and Edit BIM Models in the IFC Standard

usBIM. viewer+ gives you the possibility to view, convert and edit IFC files in a single software certified by buildingSMART International and completely free.

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