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Edificius LAND is the BIM software for landscape architecture and garden design. Edificius LAND allows you to model in both 2D and 3D. You can instantly access the objects used in any of your views modifying them whenever necessary. Edificius LAND allows you to design gardens and landscapes with high quality dedicated objects, picking them up directly from its rich BIM objects library which is free and available both locally and online. The solution for architects, landscape architects, companies and professionals that need to:

  • Design public spaces perfectly which need to be perfectly integrated with the architectural design of buildings, urban parks, gardens, etc.
  • Produce highly detailed visually appealing project presentations using the best Rendering Engines available today choosing between Ray Tracing technology equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Denoising and advanced Real-Time rendering (RT) and immersive Virtual Reality (VR) technologies.
  • Model your land plots and terrain areas with super-fast but easy to use modelling tools to simulate earthworks phases including cuts & fills and get dynamically calculated volume data relating to the excavation amounts.

Why is Edificius LAND the key solution public spaces and garden design?


Using contour lines and contour plans from topographic land surveys in the DXF or DWG formats or directly from Google Maps®


Use a huge number of optimized BIM objects available in the online library or even import your own custom 3D models in the SketchUp®, Blender®, Collada® 3dsMax® file formats, etc.


Automatically generate area plans, cross-sections, axonometric views, legends... directly from the 3D BIM model of your project and, if necessary, export them in the DXF and DWG file formats.


Earthworks aspects including volume data for cut & fill operations are automatically calculated in background while you continue to work on your landscaping project


Visually impressive presentations and renderings at your finger-tips with Real-Time rendering and high-resolution video


Immersive experiences with interactive design and modelling tools while in the VRiBIM viewing technology, fully integrated in the software

* Edificius LAND download link provides trial version of the software.

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