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Program Description

TerMus BRIDGE is the Thermal Bridge software that uses finite element analysis, fully compliant with the EN ISO 10211:2008, EN ISO 14683:2008 and EN ISO 13788:2013 technical standards. Thanks to the innovative graphical input and its numerical solver, TerMus BRIDGE allows you to define structures with great precision reproducing the actual conditions to get highly professional results. You can geometrically define endless combinations of thermal bridges.

With TerMus BRIDGE you can define any kind of Thermal Bridge with graphical objects that contain all the relevant data and properties necessary for numerical calculation allowing you to manually input materials and boundary characteristics. You can import construction details in DXF/DWG CAD file format to quickly draw a thermal bridge of any shape and form. Zoom, SNAP, radial or rectangular grids give extra drawing guidance. If your Thermal Bridge is among the standard configuration models, you can easily select it from the archive (EN ISO 14863), and customize its thermal and geometric data to quickly generate the calculation model.

With TerMus BRIDGE you’ll be able to quickly get the thermal bridge calculation from a simple drawing thanks to TheBriNA calculation solver (Thermal Bridges Numerical Analysis) included in the software.

TerMus BRIDGE allows you to:

  • Calculate the linear thermal transmittance of thermal bridges
  • Evaluate heat flows, thermal coupling coefficients and thermal bridges towards soils or any other temperature zones and verify the correct configuration of the thermal bridges in a given structure.
  • Generate a chromatic contour line representation for further detailing including the critical isotherm curves
  • Evaluate the risk of mould formation according to the en iso 13788 technical standard
  • Evaluate the frsi temperature factor
  • The minimum temperature risk for mould growth

TerMus BRIDGE analyses thermal bridges determining the linear thermal transmittance and heat flows using a finite element analysis model compliant with EN ISO 10211.

TerMus BRIDGE, in accordance with EN ISO 13788, allows you to determine the minimum surface temperature to assess the risk of mould formation taking into account the effects of air humidity. Assess the risk of mould growth on building surfaces in advance and avoid critical dimensional errors already in the design .

* TerMus BRIDGE download link provides trial version of the software.

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