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UCF Civil Engineering

UCF Civil Engineering is the developer of 2 civil engineering softwares currently listed at CESDb. Please visit developers website for software support, product updates, licenses and other information about SMADA, LOOPS.

For more information please visit: http://cee.ucf.edu

Software by UCF Civil Engineering
LOOPS Version:1.02 · Hit:4923

Hardy Cross Pipe Analysis

Implementation of the familiar Hardy-Cross pipe distribution algorithm.

SMADA Version:6.44 · Hit:12486

Stormwater Management and Design Aid

This software is a complete hydrology package included as a number of separate executable files.

Comments About UCF Civil Engineering Products
Faysal Zaidi
Faysal Zaidi· 1 Aug 2021

Is there a version of smada for 64bits operation system?...

Gabriel Barinas
Gabriel Barinas· 8 Sep 2020

Este programa es muy antiguo, no creo que exista version 64bit, incluso no creo que funcione en un windows mas avanzado que XP, alguien que confirme donde funciona por favor(Google Translate: This program is very o...

Jose Orangel Mendez Jimenez
Jose Orangel Mendez Jimenez· 24 Jan 2020

Gabriel Barinas they said have a problem the page....

Gabriel Barinas
Gabriel Barinas· 29 Jul 2017

I use smadaonline. com...

Mohamed Milad
Mohamed Milad· 16 Jul 2017

Is there a version of smada for 64bits operation system. ....