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Tahoe Design Software

TDS develops software for fluid conveyance system design and pump selection. Serving the fluids handling and chemical engineering industries. Advanced pump selection software and pump catalog building for pump manufacturers. Software offers ease of use, high accuracy and affordability.

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Software by Tahoe Design Software
HCALC Version:1.1 · Hit:1548

Pipe Flow Calculator and Unit Converter

HCALC solves for head loss, diameter, flow, pipe area, velocity, Reynolds number and friction factor using the Darcy-Weisbach, Hazen-Williams or Manning's equations.

HYDROFLO Version:3.0 · Hit:1930

Advanced Piping System Design

HYDROFLO determines the steady-state flows and pressures and other operating parameters in single source/single discharge, gravity and pumped flow systems.

PumpBase Version:3.0 · Hit:1262

Advanced Pump Selection and Catalog Production

PumpBase is a sophisticated software application that finds the best pumps for your liquid conveyance design whether its a water distribution system or a chemical delivery system.

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