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Diamonds Description

Diamonds is the perfect software for analysis of steel, concrete and timber structures. In spite of its power and completeness, Diamonds is easy to use thanks to its intuitive user interface. The graphic input does not only mean an enormous save of time, but you also lower the risk of making mistakes, thanks to the permanent visual control over the model. Your learning curve is short - guaranteed, in no time you are up and running with Diamonds. You will soon be assessing the impact of specific design changes on structural behaviour and use the available analysis results to optimize the economy of your designs.

Diamonds’ analysis engine is based on the robust and powerful PARDISO sparse solver technology. Combining high speed performance with minimal memory usage, Diamonds will solve both simple 2D and complex 3D structural analysis models in no time.

Thanks to the unique sub-reports concept, you can quickly compose a complete and well-structured custom report. Simply define the appropriate model orientation and visibility for each individual sub-report. Diamonds produces for you a table of contents based on the heading of one or multiple sub-reports. Reports can be printed out directly (with preview mode) or can be saved as an RTF file.


Steel : On executing the Eurocode and AISC steel resistance and buckling verifications, the appropriate cross-section classification is taken into account. Buckling lengths and lateral torsional buckling supports are specified in no time or automatically calculated. Based on these checks Diamonds performs a cross-section optimization. Connections can be transferred to PowerConnect.

  • Eurocode 3 (UK, DE, ES, PL, ...) and AISC- LRFD
  • Extendable built-in section library
  • Cross section classification
  • Buckling length calculation
  • Lateral torsional buckling supports
  • Cross-section optimization

Concrete : Diamonds calculates the optimal reinforcement solution according to Eurocode and ACI. This serves as a starting point for a practical reinforcement definition. You can then calculate cracked deflections and crack widths for bar and plate elements or verify punching for plates and footings. For beams, complete reinforcement drawings can be generated with ConCrete Plus.

  • Eurocode 2 (UK, DE, ES, PL, ...) and ACI
  • Optimal reinforcement quantities
  • Cracked deflection with creep
  • Crack widths
  • Deformation in time
  • Punching verification

Timber : Diamonds calculates the deflection with creep effects, based on the service class. On execution the Eurocode timber verifications, buckling lengths and lateral torsional buckling supports are taken into account. These can be user-assigned or automatically calculated. Based on these unity check verifications Diamonds calculates the most optimal cross-sections.

  • Eurocode 5 (BE, NL)
  • Service class and load duration class
  • Buckling length calculation
  • Lateral torsional buckling supports
  • Creep calculation

* Diamonds download link provides trial version of the software.

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