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Antonio Agüero

Antonio Agüero is the developer of 3 civil engineering softwares currently listed at CESDb. Please visit developers website https://researchgate.net/profile/Antonio-Agueero for software support, product updates, licenses and other information about LTBEAMCOLUM, Thinwallres Open&Closed, ThinWallRes.

Software by Antonio Agüero
LTBEAMCOLUM Version:2022 · Hit:213

Critical Loads and Analysis of Imperfect Structures

The following application allows determining the resistance capacity of compressed and deflected pieces with a double tee section, susceptible to lateral buckling.

ThinWallRes Version:2022 · Hit:126

Thin Walled Sections

ThinWallRes allows to determine the resistance capacity of open thin-walled sections.

Thinwallres Open&Closed Version:2022 · Hit:129
Thinwallres Open&Closed

Elastic and Plastic Resistance of Open and Thin Walled Sections

Thinwallres Open&Closed application allows to determine the resistance capacity of open and closed thin-walled sections

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Comments & Reviews
Antonio A
Antonio A· 24 Jan 2023
Waka man nigussie, there is no excel sheet???...
Waka man nigussie
Waka man nigussie· 17 Jan 2023
Its all amaizing thanks too.... but the excel sheet is pasworded...
Antonio A
Antonio A· 12 Apr 2022
Software for the design of open and closed thin walled sections elastic and plastic behavior. Takes into account axi...
Antonio A
Antonio A· 12 Apr 2022
LTBEAMCOLUMN software that obtains the critical loads, buckling modes (used as imperfections) and performs the analy...
Antonio A
Antonio A· 25 Mar 2022
Software for the design of open thin walled sections elastic and plastic behavior. Takes into account axial and shea...
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