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Deep Excavation LLC is the developer of 5 civil engineering softwares currently listed at CESDb. Please visit developers website for software support, product updates, licenses and other information about Steel Connect, DeepEX, Steel-Beam, HelixPile, Trench.

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Software by Deep Excavation LLC
DeepEX Version:2019 · Hit:1271

Design of Embedded Earth Retaining Walls

DeepXcav is a software program for the design of embedded earth retaining walls with limit-equilibrium and advanced non linear elastoplastic analysis methods. DeepXcav offers a one-stop complete geotechnical and structural solution for deep excavation.

HelixPile Version:2017 · Hit:561

Helical Pile Analysis

HelixPile is a user friendly, modern and powerful software program for the design of helical piles.

Steel-Beam Version:2013 · Hit:751

Analysis Of Steel Beams Subjected To Combined Bending And Axial Loading

Steel-Beam is a user-friendly robust program that allows the combined stress evaluation of steel beams and steel columns under combined axial and flexural loads.

Steel Connect Version:2014 · Hit:1503
Steel Connect

Design And Evaluate Steel Connections

Steel-Connect is a user friendly affordable software steel connection design aid for the typical structural engineer. Typical steel connections can be designed in less time using the autodesign feature or user specified steel connections can be investigated.

Trench Version:2012 · Hit:393

Evaluate The Stability Of Bentonite Slurry Trenches And Panels

Trench is a user friendly, affordable, and versatile software program that evaluates the stability of slurry supported trenches and panels for 2D and 3D analyses.

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