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ConcreteSection Description

ConcreteSection helps engineers to understand the cracked behavior and load capacity of custom reinforced concrete sections. Sketch or generate arbitrary concrete cross sections. Drop in steel rebar or structural shapes. View the stresses on the cracked cross-section under axial load and biaxial bending. Determine the capacity of the member using interaction curves and surface. Use encased structural steel shapes--such as an erection column. Create round or polygonal shapes with a polar editing grid.


  • Quick-start page with common geometries
  • Create any geometry by sketching boundaries
  • Import from CAD for complex and detailed boundaries
  • Create new model objects by copying existing items
  • Ability to create a shape with one or more holes
  • Reinforcement may be any shape, including hot-rolled steel
  • Reinforcement arrays for easy placement and editing


  • Load may be placed in multiple service load cases (e.g. dead, live, etc.)
  • Includes IBC, ASCE 7, and NBC load combinations (customizable)
  • Automatic generation of building code load combinations
  • Create custom load combinations in any project
  • Apply axial loads and moments in two directions (X & Y)
  • Copy and scale loads to other load cases


  • Column 3D Interaction Diagrams
  • Adjustable number of interaction points and quadrant slices
  • Adjustable concrete strain limits (crushing and ultimate)
  • Stresses calculated for each reinforcement "bar" in the section based on the applied loads
  • Reinforcing is assumed to be linear-elastic then purely plastic after yield
  • Concrete stress-strain behavior accurately represented
  • Automated "background" analysis is fast
  • Advanced error checking and reporting


  • Unity Checks calculated based on the applied loads and the Column Interaction Diagram
  • Use strength reduction factors (phi) per ACI 318 or CSA A32.3 Specifications
  • Limited maximum nominal compressive strength, Pn, max


  • Custom reporting to include just the information you need
  • Print Preview mode while working with reports
  • Paste any graphics into your report
  • Customizable page margins, fonts, colors
  • Use your own company logo in report page headers
  • Print to any printer including PDF
  • Export to text clipboard or save to other formats like .xlsx

* ConcreteSection download link provides trial version of the software.

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