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Computations & Graphics, Inc

Structural engineering software, Computations and Graphics, Inc., Structural and finite element analysis and design.

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Software by Computations & Graphics, Inc
cColumns Version:6.0 · Hit:1702

Axial-Flexural Analysis and Design of Concrete Columns, Beams and Shear Walls

cColumn formerly known as RcSections is a powerful 32-bit Windows program designed specifically for structural engineers to perform axial-flexural analysis and design of concrete columns as well as beams and shear walls according to ACI 318-11/08/05/02 and ACI 318-99.

QuadMaker Version:1.0 · Hit:54

Finite Element Mesh Generator

QuadMaker is an interactive 64-bit Windows finite element mesh generator that produces 100% quadrilateral elements (shell4) on planar and curved surfaces in 3D space.

Real3D-Analysis Version:18 · Hit:983

Structural Design & Finite Element Analysis

Real3D-Analysis is a powerful frame-finite element analysis and design program built from ground up, with latest technologies from the fields of finite element analysis, numerical computation and computer graphics, shell structures, dynamic analysis, concrete design, truss, frame, plate

sCheck Version:1.2 · Hit:928

Design and Check Steel Beam/Column

sCheck is a Windows program for structural engineers to design and check steel beam/column compliance according to ANSI/AISC 360-10.

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Nasir Urfan
Nasir Urfan· 20 May 2021

Excellant. Simple yet powerful software....