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Structures Office

We create high quality structural analysis software at low cost which run stand alone or may integrate with tools such as Excel or Matlab.

For more information please visit: https://youtube.com/channel/UCjZ2DGNh5SoIFpgjdM5Ho8w/feed

Software by Structures Office
CompactSections Version:2.0.4 · Hit:735

Elastic and Plastic Bending Analysis

Structures Office supports construction of arbitrary cross-sections, computes area, elastic, and plastic section properties.

ThinWalledSections Version:1.0.9 · Hit:335

Thin Walled Sections Analysis

ThinWallSections is a software tool for analysis of multi-cell thin-wall sections. Runs Stand Alone and also Integrates tightly with Excel and Matlab.

Comments About Structures Office Products
Randall Edick
Randall Edick· 17 Dec 2016

Great tool! Very nice GUI. Excellent online help. We used it for plastic bending analysis. Great to have two independent methods (Cozzone and Numerical) to cross check results....