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DEVELOPER :Antonio Agüero
FILE SIZE :Web Application
LICENSE :Freeware
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The following application allows determining the resistance capacity of compressed and deflected pieces with a double tee section, susceptible to lateral buckling. For this, the magnitudes of the equivalent imperfections are obtained and the imperfect structure is analyzed. Type of analysis can be elastic or plastic.

Results the following plots are shown

  1. LTBEAM Analysis of the imperfect structure considering N=0.
  2. LTCOLUMN Analysis of the imperfect structure considering My=0.
  3. LTBEAMCOLUMN Analysis of the imperfect structure considering.
  4. Linear analysis of the perfect structure

* LTBEAMCOLUM download link provides freeware version of the software.

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Comments & Reviews About LTBEAMCOLUM
Antonio A
Antonio A · 12 Apr 2022 · ★★★★★

LTBEAMCOLUMN software that obtains the critical loads, buckling modes (used as imperfections) and performs the analysis of the imperfect for beam-columns taking into account lateral torsional buckling.The program performs 4 types of analysis : Beam, column, Beam-column and linear. Warping torsion is considered and in plane and out of plane loads including torsional are computed. In order to compute utilization linear interaction formula is used in case of Beams Vayas equation is also implemented.

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