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CADRE Section Profiler Description

This application is used to design section profiles and determine their geometric properties for custom beam cross sections which can be composed of different materials. CADRE Profiler is the only section property application available that provides two entirely independent means of validating section properties so that one method can be use to check the other.


  • A unit independent application
  • Calculation of moments of inertia, cross product of inertia, centroid, principal axes, bending moduli and extreme fiber distances both on the design axes as well as the principal axes
  • Handles very thin gage sections accurately
  • Handles non-homogeneous sections including reinforced concrete beams
  • Two completely independent and dissimilar analytical methods are provided so one can be used to check against the other
  • Merging to combine previously created section files
  • Merging to combine common shapes such as round and rectangular tubes, I-beam shapes, 'L' shapes, 'C' shapes, 'T' shapes, 'Z' shapes with little, if any, additional drawing.   These shapes include tapered flanges and radii
  • Analysis of multiple built-up sections with different materials
  • Rotating,   translating, and flipping all or components of the section drawing
  • Snap to grid
  • Automatically install corner radii on corners intersecting at any angle.    Automatically rotate and/or translate to principal axes duplicate section drawing components
  • Quickly check areas and lengths of individual components
  • Zoom, shrink, fit to window, and dynamic pan capability
  • Import from and export to CAD
  • Export results to create or append CADRE pro section property files

* CADRE Section Profiler download link provides trial version of the software.

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