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Software :BASINS
Developer :EPA
Version :4.1
Last Update :18 September 2013
File Size :144.62 MB
License :Freeware
Downloads :UserDownloads:435
BASINS Description

BASINS is a multipurpose environmental analysis system designed for regional, state, and local agencies that perform watershed and water quality-based studies. This system makes it possible to quickly assess large amounts of point and non-point source data in a format that is easy to use and understand. Installed on a personal computer, BASINS allows the user to assess water quality at selected stream sites or throughout an entire watershed. This invaluable tool integrates environmental data, analytical tools, and modeling programs to support cost-effective approaches to watershed management and environmental protection, including the development of Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs).

BASINS 4. 0 includes these valuable features:

  • Data Download Tool,
  • GIS Project Builder,
  • GIS Edit Tools,
  • Automatic and Manual Watershed Delineation,
  • Watershed Characterization Reports,
  • series of Surface Water Models, and
  • customized databases.

BASINS Version 4. 0 includes the existing WinHSPF and PLOAD models that BASINS 3. 0 uses. WinHSPF estimates land use specific nonpoint source loadings for selected pollutants at a watershed. The new Parameter Estimation (PEST) tool in WinHSPF automates the model calibration process and allows users to quantify the uncertainty associated with specific model predictions. WinHSPF links to the AQUATOX model for integrating watershed analysis with effects on aquatic biota in receiving waters. It also provides access to a new BASINS feature: the Windows-based Climate Assessment Tool for assessing potential impacts of changing climate on stream flows and pollutant loads.

* BASINS download link provides freeware version of the software.
* Keywords: watershed characterization, surface water models, environmental analysis system
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