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Software :ASDIP
Version :4.1.3
Last Update :14 November 2012
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License :Demo
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ASDIP Description

Our 13-module structural suite with a broad range of design solutions required by the structural engineers of today, including concrete, steel, and masonry. Shear walls, beams, columns, corbels and beam ledges, masonry walls, and much more, per the latest AISC, ACI, IBC specifications.


  • Stand-alone programs which run in Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 Pro. No additional software required.
  • Full compliance with: - IBC 06 - ACI-318 05 - AISC ASD/LRFD
  • Fill-in-the-blanks format with in-field editing.
  • Highlighted input fields for easier identification.
  • Personalized programs with your company name on screen and printouts.
  • Multi-level context-sensitive Help system to guide you through the use of the programs.
  • Complete on-line programs' documentation.
  • 130-page User's Manual with solved examples.
  • Customized command tree with selective menu commands in each particular program.
  • Secured formulas to avoid accidental changes.
  • Combined text-with-values output messages updated with each new change.
  • Three different units systems available: - US (in, ft, Kip, ksi) - SI (cm, m, N, MPa) - Metric (cm, m, Tn, Kg/cm2)
  • Excellent quality outputs.
  • Complete built-in steel sections database.
  • Graphics printing without leaving the program.
  • Fast performance due to compiled formulas and minimal recalculation.
  • User-interface elements, such as dialog boxes, pull-down menus, and tool bars.
  • Graphic generation of the structure in every program.
  • Unlimited free technical support

Important Note: ASDIP 4 was our first product and is being used by hundreds of customers around the world. Nevertheless, the continuous improvement in the technology has a drawback: it creates legacy products that cannot keep the same pace and therefore show compatibility problems. The particular incompatibility with this product occurs with 64-bit systems, which are becoming more and more common.

As a result, ASDIP 4 will be kept as a legacy product, as a deference to our existing customers. It will be maintained and updated normally, and it will receive technical support, except that it will not be on sale anymore. If you have a license of ASDIP 4 this will not affect you at all. You may continue using your program normally if your system supports it.

* ASDIP download link provides demo version of the software for Windows 7 32-bit only and Windows XP.
* Keywords: concrete, steel, masonry, shear walls, beams, columns, corbels and beam ledges, masonry walls
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