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Offshore Pile Foundation Analysis Description

Commonly adopted offshore platforms are of jacket type and are mostly supported by pile foundations. The pile foundation designed for these structures should safely transmit the loads through the sub soil strata beneath the sea bed. The design of the foundation should meet the serviceability and safety requirements under operational and severe storm conditions.

The main types of load to which the piles are subjected to are the axial compressive, tensile loads, lateral loads and moments. The Offshore Pile Foundation Analysis suite of GEMS provides easy-to-use program modules for the all the above analysis. There are three modules available:

  1. Pile Capacity Estimation
  2. Axially Loaded Pile Analysis
  3. Laterally Loaded Pile Analysis

Key Features

  • One click computation and analysis for all load cases and modules.
  • Axial pile capacity estimation
  • Analysis of the pilefoundation under lateral and axial loads.
  • Generation of p-y, t-z and q-z curves based on soil properties.
  • User defined p-y, t-z and q-z curves.
  • Multiple load cases.
  • Graded mesh for lateral pile analysis along the pile length for better accuracy
  • Pictorial representation of the pileand soil layers.
  • Loading diagrams for each load case.
  • Export of results to Microsoft Word & Excel
  • Support of Windows and Mac
  • The loading may consist of axial load, lateral load and lateral moment.
  • Static and cyclic loadings can be incorporated for lateral analysis.
  • Self-weight of pile may be included if required.
  • Localscour consideration.
  • Pile thickness can be varied along the length of the pile.
  • Facility of prescribing lateraldisplacement, rotation & rotational spring at the pile head.
  • Consideration of group effect by user prescribed p-multiplier, y-multiplier & z-multiplier.
  • Data can be input in either SI units or ‘Commonly used American units’ (Kips for force and foot for length)

* Offshore Pile Foundation Analysis download link provides trial version of the software for Windows and Mac.

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