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Liraland Group

Design, analyze, and collaborate more accurately with structural engineering tools. Most respected structural design and engineering software LIRA helps you

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For more information please visit: https://liraland.com

Software by Liraland Group
LIRA-SAPR Version:2021 · Hit:82

Numerical Analysis of Structures Strength and Stability

LIRA-SAPR is comprehensive software package that benefits from BIM technology and intended for analysis and design of building and mechanical engineering structures of different purposes.

MONOMAKH Version:2016 R2 · Hit:142

Analysis & Design of Reinforced Concrete (RC) Structures

MONOMAKH-SAPR software is intended for analysis and design of monolithic reinforced concrete structures and structures with brick walls

SAPFIR-3D Version:2021 · Hit:56

Architectural Engineering, Shape Creation and Calculations

SAPFIR-3D is a software for architectural design of multi-storey residential and public buildings, structures of any purpose, small structures, cottages, concept of interior design.

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