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IDARC 2D Description

A Computer Program for Seismic Inelastic Structural Analysis. Developed at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

IDARC (2D) was created as a platform for nonlinear structural analysis in which various aspects of concrete, steel and other materials behavior can be modeled, tested and improved after. Software development and enhancements have been mainly to link experimental research and analytical developments. IDARC (2D) was introduced in 1987 as a two-dimensional analysis program to examine the non-linear response of multistory reinforced concrete buildings. The original program released included the following structural element types:

  • Column Elements : Column elements were modeled considering macromodels with inelastic flexural deformations, and elastic shear and axial deformations.
  • Beam Elements : Beam elements are modeled using a nonlinear flexural stiffness model with linear elastic shear deformations considered.
  • Shear Wall Elements : Shear wall include inelastic shear and bending deformations, with an uncoupled elastic axial component.
  • Edge Column Elements : Edge column elements were introduced considering only inelastic axial deformations.
  • Transverse Beam Elements : Transverse beam elements, that have an effect on the rotational deformation of the shear walls or beams to which they are connected, are modeled using elastic linear and rotational springs.
* IDARC 2D download link provides freeware version of the software.
* Keywords: seismic analysis, inelastic analysis, nonlinear structural analysis, coloumn, beam, shear wall, transverse beam
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