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AStrutTie Description

AStrutTie is a strut-tie model analysis/design software for concrete members with disturbed stress region(s). It enables users to design corbel (bracket), abutment/pier footing, bridge pier coping (pier cap), frame corner, anchorage zone, deep beam, etc. The software supports U.S (ACI 318, AASHTO LRFD) and Europe (EuroCode 2) codes and specifications.

A concrete member can be classified into B-region(s) and D-region(s). D-regions are parts of structure in which the strain distribution is highly nonlinear. Most design practices for D-regions are mostly based on empirical approaches. The strut-tie model approach promotes a better under- standing of load transfer mechanisms and structural behavior and it improves the designers' ability to handle unusual circumstances including D-regions.

AStrutTie is a powerful and practical analysis/design software for concrete members with D-region(s). The most appropriate strut-tie models can be constructed by considering the principal stress flows and/or evolutionary structural optimization (ESO) results. A specialized solver capable of handling any types of internally/externally (in)determinate strut-tie models is associated. The strut-tie model provisions of ACI 318-14 (2014), AASHTO LRFD (2014), and EC2 (2004) are applied. 

For fast and efficient strut-tie model designs, multirole templates are provided for corbel (bracket), abutment footing, pier footing, bridge pier coping (pier cap), frame corner, anchorage zones with inclined and straight tendons, and deep beams with concentrated and distributed loads. The shapes of concrete members and truss models can also be generated by importing .dxf files. Advanced element sets representing truss mechanism, truss and arch mechanism, and fan action are provided. 

AStrutTie provides various automated design checks re- grading the conditions for rebar requirement and strength verification of struts and nodal zones. Visual verifications of strength conditions are possible, too. A structural design report is generated automatically, and design results are examined by previewing the report. The structural design report is printed as a *.rtf or *.xlsx file.

Included Design Codes

  • AASHTO LRFD (2014)
  • ACI 318-14 (2014)
  • EC 2 (2004)

Support Items of Templates

  • Corbel (Bracket)
  • Abutment/Pier Footing
  • Bridge Pier Coping (Pier Cap)
  • Frame Corner
  • Anchorage Zone
  • Deep Beam with Concentrated Loads
  • Continuous Beams with Distributed Loads
* AStrutTie download link provides trial version of the software.
* Keywords: strut-tie, concrete, corbel, pier footing, frame corner, beam, anchorage, abutment, bridge pier, deep beam, continuous beam, distributed load, conrete design, truss
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