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Shoring Suite is a software package that contains 4 Modules: Shoring, EarthPres, Surcharge, and Heave. These modules are sophisticated design and analysis tools developed by experienced engineers and professors. The program has been widely used by engineers, contractors, universities, and government agencies nationwide and overseas. The program is flexible, powerful, and has high performance qualities.

Well Referenced: The calculation is based on Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) methods, US Navy DM-7 (NAVFAC) manual, the Steel Sheet Design manual (USS), and TRENCHING AND SHORING MANUAL of, California Department of Transportation. It can be used for complex ground conditions, surcharge loads, and many types of shoring walls including: braced cuts, cantilever walls, bulkhead walls, sheet pile walls, soldier piles & lagging systems, tangent pile walls, slurry walls, and any flexible walls. The program can link to EarthPres and Surcharge modules so that the data from these two programs can be directly imported into Shoring.

Great Tools: The program shows diagrams of pressures, shear, moment, and deflection. It calculates the moment of the piles and selects the five most suitable piles for you. The program not only presents the major properties of these piles but also calculates the top deflection of each pile. For braced systems, the program supports calculation for wale and strut. For tieback systems, the program can determine the free length, bound length, and non-load zone of tieback anchors. places soil properties at your fingertips. It is great tool for shoring design engineers.

Widely Used: The program supports multi-tieback or braces. It can automatically select the sheet pile and soldier pile from a database with all of the properties. The program has helped numerous engineers reduce time and costs for their projects. This program is recognized as Number One in shoring software. It is widely used in the U. S. and overseas. The program has been used by about 1500 professionals, including departments of transportation in CA, FL, WA, MT, NY, and NV, many cities, large and small firms, and engineers in Germany, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Taiwan and other countries. The software is recommended in EARTH RETENTION SYSTEMS HANDBOOK, McGraw-Hill.

Most Complicated Conditions: The program can handle the most complicated ground and construction conditions. Followings are some examples: 1) Step walls to stabilize a slope (Download method in PDF file); 2) Bedrock at bottom limiting the pile embedment; 3) Before and after trimming concrete is placed; 4) Water table is above ground surface; 5) Helix, Tieback, and Deadman anchors, which can be mixed together; 6) External force in any direction and angle on the wall; 7) Horizontal and vertical earthquake acceleration; 8) Surcharge loading at any elevation; 9) Different lagging spacing; 10) Different pile or shaft diameter; 11) Water table above ground surface; 12) E-80 Cooper Railroad; 13) Brace above ground or below dredge line; 14) At-rest, Ko condition; and more.


  • FHWA 98-011, FHWA-RD-97-130, FHWA SA 96-069, FHWA-IF-99-015
  • STEEL SHEET PILING DESIGN MANUAL by Pile Buck Inc. , 1987, 2002
  • DESIGN MANUAL DM-7 (NAVFAC), Department of the Navy, May 1982
  • TRENCHING AND SHORING MANUAL Revision 12, California Department of Transportation, January 2000
  • EARTH RETENTION SYSTEMS HANDBOOK, Alan Macnab, McGraw-Hill Handbooks. 2002
  • DESIGN OF SHEET PILE WALLS, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. March 1994

* Shoring Suite download link provides demo version of the software.

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