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Upres - Designing Tunnels and Pipe Lining Using Dr. H. Einstein's Method Software
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Upres Description

Upres is for designing tunnels and pipe lining using Dr. H. Einstein's method ("Improved Design of Tunnel Supports, " prepared for the U. S. Department of Transportation, 1980). Tunnel can calculate the stress redistribution in soil, the moment, the thrust, and the deflection in pipe or tunnel. Full slip (friction between soil and structure) or no slip conditions are considered. Moment and thrust diagrams can be viewed and printed.

Upres is suitable for most elastic closed form models such as pipe and circular tunnel lines buried underground. The structural materials can be concrete, wood, shotcrete, brick, and steel. The structure can be built by segment panels, an I-beam and lagging system, or a continuous circular system. Even though the program is an elastic solution, the results match very well with a solution of Finite Element Analysis, which requires complicated inputs and calculations.

* Upres download link provides demo version of the software.

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