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The program offered here was developed as a hobby more than 25 years ago, seeing that this non-linear calculation method continues to be used to date, I have decided to offer the program for free use by academic and / or professional users, without assuming any responsibility for the use made of it. Likewise, I hope to receive contributions from users, to be able to implement improvements and / or corrections.

The program "PREPNTX" consists of a preprocessor oriented to the problem of calculating retwalls by elasto-plastic methods. 

The effective calculation is carried out by the program "PANTNTX" which is a program of finite elements of general purpose that incorporates in its library of elements "springs" of bilinear elastoplastic behavior with different rigidity according to the sign of the relative displacement. 

The introduction of the problem data is done through a text file in which by defining a small amount of numerical data it is possible to describe complex structural configurations and processes or construction phases. 

In the definition of the meta language chosen for the introduction of numerical data it has been decided to follow the guidelines established by Professor E. L. Wilson in the development of the popular calculation program "SAP". Therefore, the language consists of a series of *labels indicating the beginning of a data entry block, and then a series of tags that identify the particular data(s) that is entered. 

In order to be able to visualize the results graphically, the program POSPNTX" has been developed, which in addition to providing a very senciate and intuitive graphical interface, generates two result files: *.feb extension (Extreme Bar Forces) and the *.dpa file (Displacements, Pressures and Forces in anchors).

* PREPNTX download link provides freeware version of the software.

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