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PileLAT is a finite-element based program that analyzes the behaviour of single piles mainly under lateral loading based on p-y curves. One of the important advantages which PileLAT has over other pile lateral force analysis software is that it also has some basic capability of calculating pile settlement under compressive axial loading.

PileLAT is powerful and easy to use. It is an useful tool for pile design and analysis by both structural and geotechnical engineers. Some of the features and benefits are listed as follows:

  1. Standard window-style dialogs, push buttons, drop menus, list boxes, EXCEL-like data grid  cells, slide bars, radio buttons, check boxes and toolbars can be accessed in the program;
  2. Automatic generation of nonlinear soil resistance p-y curves for various soil types such as cohesive soils, cohesionless soils and rocks;
  3. Both static and cyclic behaviour of soils can be considered;
  4. Pile batter and sloping ground surface can be modelled through an interactive dialogue where the geometry of the pile batter and ground surface slope can be graphically updated and viewed by the user with moving the relevant slide bars;
  5. P-multipliers can be defined by the user for each soil layer to consider the potential pile group effects for closely-spaced piles;
  6. Multiple pile segments with different user-defined elastic bending stiffness or plastic bending moments can be specified by the user;
  7. Free-field soil lateral displacement loading along the pile length can be considered by the program at the specified node locations;
  8. Distributed horizontal shear forces and bending moments can be specified by the user at the node positions;
  9. Boundary conditions at the pile head such as free head, rigid head and partially restrained head with elastic rotational spring can be considered;
  10. Different pile section types such as circular section, rectangular section, steel H-section, steel pipe section, octagonal section and user-defined section can be selected by the user;
  11. Load-settlement curve can be generated by the program for the specified axial loading at the pile head.
  12. Innovative soil layer and parameter input dialog is provided to help the user to enter the input data more easily and smoothly;
  13. A well-designed result output dialog is provided for the user to view all the relevant results graphically. Switching among different results is very straightforward.

* PileLAT download link provides demo version of the software.

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