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PileGroup is the flagship product of Innovative Geotechnics and is a finite-element based program that analyzes the behaviour of pile groups under three-dimensional loading - axial and horizontal forces, bending moments and torsion on the pile cap. PileGroup is easy to use and powerful program to consider most important aspects in pile group analysis such as nonlinear axial, lateral and torsional behaviour of various soil and rock materials, battered piles and group reduction factors due to pile-soil-pile interaction within the group.

The user-friendly interface enables the user to efficiently create the analysis input file for pile groups under general loading with a logical workflow. It also provides the overview of ground profile and 3D displaying of deflection, shear force and bending moment distributions for individual piles within the group.

The users can interactively input pile section, pile head positions, pile lengths and pile batters for pile group analysis problems. The whole process is simple, fast and also easy for the users to review and update if necessary. 

The external loadings (vertical loads Fy, horizontal loads Fx and Fz, rotational moment My, bending moments Mx and Mz) can be applied at any position on the pile cap and multiple sets of loadings can be specified by the users. The program will automatically calculate the equivalent loading at the origin in the analysis.

Detailed analysis results for each pile with the group such as deflection, shear force, bending moment and mobilised soil reaction are plotted against the pile length and presented in the result output dialog graphically together with the soil layer geometry. The users can view, copy and print the results for the selected pile/piles.

3D displaying of various pile group analysis results is available in PileGroup. It allows the users to zoom, rotate and move the displayed results smoothly in three-dimensional space.

The users can view deformed shape of pile group once the analysis is successfully completed. Extensive displaying options such as model contour, pile and pile cap color, local and global axes, shape scaling factor and pile numbering are available in PileGroup for the users to personalize the 3D graphical presentation. 

* PileGroup download link provides demo version of the software.

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