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SuperLog generates boring log and test pit graphical reports for field drilling and geotechnical investigations. It is a user-friendly, easy to learn, powerful, and flexible program, which will increase your productivity significantly.

Advanced capabilities include rapid input, e. g. , typing "f to m sa" will pop out "fine to medium sand. " The abbreviation list can be personalized by the user. Automatic depth generation, and boilerplate make the input fast and enjoyable. The average time to learn the program is 15 minutes. The average time to generate a log is 5 minutes. All the symbols and soil patterns can be viewed and input on the screen so that you do not have to remember them.

SuperLog saves countless engineer's hours spent preparing and retrieving boring logs. This benefit can begin immediately since the program is extremely easy to learn and use. With a laptop computer you can even enter in the data during the actual drilling.

The logs can be pasted into MS-Word, so you can include all boring logs in your geotechnical report and e-mail them to your clients. You can also put several logs on one page. The logs can be imported into AutoCAD or other drawing programs and can be further edited.

SuperLog also provides a royalty-free preview and print utility so users can send the logs electronically to their clients via e-mail, allowing the clients to view and print the logs. Current version is Verson 3.


  • Supports multiple borings and multiple pages with auto-page numbering
  • Instant graphical symbols and patterns with explanations at a mouse click
  • User editable symbols and patterns
  • Graphical interface and instant preview
  • Usable for piezometer/ monitoring wells
  • Database compatible
  • Dual patterns and USGS Symbols
  • Boiler plate to reduce repetitive typing
  • High quality output and laser fonts
  • Rapid typing capability
  • Unlimited user editable forms/templates
  • More than 28 forms/templates included
  • Customization available
  • Attach drawings, maps, and notes
  • Save as metafile or copy to clipboard for other applications
  • Log can be further edited by other programs
  • English and Metric units

Note: Superlog only creates logs. It cannot generate soil profile. In above drawing, Superlog created and exported 5 logs to other drawing program (PowerPoint or AutoCAD). The other drawing program generated the soil profile.

* SuperLog download link provides demo version of the software.
* Keywords: boring log, test pit, boring, soil profile, field drilling
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