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Software :CBeam R2
Developer :Mcal Software
Version :2.1.9
Last Update :7 April 2014
File Size :2.63 MB
License :Demo
Downloads :UserDownloads:947
CBeam R2 Description

C-beam is a continuous beam software package that allows the user to solve statically indeterminate structures. The application uses a stiffness matrix method of analysis to calculate analytical results accurately and precisely. Cbeam is a powerful timesaving tool for engineers and designers, which makes the calculation of Reactions, Deflections, Shear and Moments extremely easy, accurate, fast, and user friendly. The modeling of multiple span elements of varying elasticity with uniform, distributed, and concentrated load applications along with a variety of support condition is in the hands of the user.

Key Features

  • Cbeam offers graphical interface and is totally interactive
  • Cbeam initializes with a stability check before the analysis, and therefore no need to worry about crashing
  • Varying elasticity values for material selections aluminum, steel or user defined
  • Metric unites supported with instant toggle on/off English/Metric and Metric/English conversion
  • A built-in steel and aluminum database for members section properties
  • Ability to save the 10 most recent section properties for easier future reference
  • Cbeam is able to model various load types: point loads, distributed loads and concentrated moments.
  • Cbeam is able to model slice/hinge conditions along with various support and free end conditions.
  • Ability to modify the model and reinforce any member with one touch key
  • Cbeam summarizes maximum deflections and moments and their respective locations
  • Ability to customize with your own Company Logo on the formatted output.
  • Editable text output has the ability to paste any text clips.    
  • A stand alone viewer allows for the formatting and printing of outputted loading diagram options
  • Batch plotting is available along with user defined date and sequential page numbering
* CBeam R2 download link provides demo version of the software.
* Keywords: beam, span elements, elasticity, loading, beam support, shear, moment, deflection diagram
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